Friday, 11 June 2010

talkin through neW Orleans

converation in a thrift store on Bienville Street

how ya doin honey?
life's grand
you from these parts?
well, no
where then?
across the Big Puddle
oh. i'm not from here either. i'm from Baton Rouge
but i's lived here 40 years. you enjoying yourself here?
yes, thank you, very much
that's good, it's changed, though
this your first time in N'Orlins?
nah, was here in '83
then you know what it was like before...


  1. Batphone is making some new history.

    Haven't had a stranger call me "honey" in a long time. Think I need to travel more :>]

  2. Loving the photos ... and the conversation.

  3. I do love your travel log - miss it when you are off air. Keep it coming - it never fails to brighten my day!

  4. noice !
    hoping for jazzin / groovin / cruisin / singin thru n'orlins next..

  5. I understand is still very poor after Catharina...

  6. Its so nice to come on tour with you through New Orleans.

  7. Is New Orleans getting any help ?? I have always wanted to see it...I love the India style whirled 2er, presented by bat phone... keep them coming
    cheers safe travels