Wednesday, 9 June 2010

oh really?

[oder vielleicht auch nicht...] *spotted in a window on Market Street, San Francisco

i see that someone who had her first experience of eucalyptus dyes in a two day class with me last year is now teaching about them at a European Museum. Apparently she will " teach everything you need to know about how to dye with Eucalyptus"


that's a promise that i am not brave enough to make - i haven't even learned all of the botanical names of the 1000 plus species and sub-species of that miraculous genus yet
or experimented with them all individually

maybe i should sign up for the class...
or retire


  1. I've just bought your book India and it's beautiful and very inspiring. I used to dye with onion skins and walnut shells years ago, but I'm set to try out everything now! I think I'll stick to your guidance as opposed to the above person, not that there are many eucalyptus trees round here!

  2. One can only imagine that your lessons hold powerful magic. hmmm...what might I be able to claim after a WEEK with you??
    Looking forward to an enriching workshop later this month. I continue to refer to your book and guidance.

  3. what to say, you're the euca-guru-queen! - hope you have some news about your workshop in Europe next year?

  4. well, india, it seems that it's so easy in the world, or whirled, of quick, to become expert. wonder how one does it??? never works that way for this fiber amateur.

  5. I watched “Tous Les Matins du Monde” this weekend and concluded (again) that not everyone that can play music is a musician….
    Nevertheless I think I’d prefer to learn the art of ecoprint from the expert….
    And still am hoping you will come to Europe in 2011…
    About the museum lady: … LOL “ Vielleicht sprisht sie Deutsch”
    Hope The Netherlands will be save ;)

  6. another glib surfer through she has your book hidden in her purse for the hard questions...

  7. I would love to be there to see her face when you showed up for the class
    but she probably wouldn't get it.

  8. Dear India they do say 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'
    Happy whirling to you!

  9. oh, i soooo get your drift. ha!

  10. welcome to the world of instructing and workshops-- its one of the few drawbacks- I see beginning painters after one class- start teaching-- holy cow!

  11. That boast judges itself. A person in the business of settling for less.
    Can't see myself following her blog!

  12. They say pride comes before a doubt she will trip up somewhere along the way...

  13. A little knowledge is like a razor in a monkey's paw.

  14. Off to find myself a eucalypt ... and order your book. Reckon her humble pie must be almost ready to serve xo

  15. India, I just read your email conversation with the specific person, and although I naturally don't know what really happened, this post of yours seems a little bit out of it's context. At least, she showed a lot more respect fot you than you do to her. I don't know if you talked it over, but in my opinion you don't give her the credits she deserves.

    For all people who reacted at this post, she didn't say she knew everything about the subject, but that she would only teach one thing, because it's the only thing she knows something about.

    I know it's none of my business, but I find it not delicate to put someone in a bad daylight like this. It seems to me you don't need this shit to get positive critics, for you know a lot a lot and your work is very special. I just hope you come over this and people don't react so promitively if they don't know the story.

  16. thanks for your comments Lobke
    bear in mind that i didn't name her
    that the original advertisement [which may have been changed, i haven't looked] specified "everything you need to know about dyeing with eucalyptus"

    and all i've said in my post above [which hasn't been edited]
    is that i don't know everything there is to know about this so perhaps i should sign up for the class. really don't see where the harm is in that.

    and then she published all of our email correspondence, mostly quite unrelated to the above, without any permission at all.