Monday, 14 June 2010

more windfallen treasure

walking back from City Park in New Orleans
i found several pieces of Spanish Moss [ Tillandsia usneoides ]
in the gutter of the road
so of course
it is now in a bundle
with a very special old and mended apron from Japan
and several pieces of metal pocketed
from the railway line near the banks of the Mississippi River
[that's em ei ess ess ei ess ess ei pee pee ei]
how many i's in the Mighty Mississippi?
depends how many fish is lookin up at you

the bundle is rather bigger than my little travelling cauldron
and so is being cooked bit by bit
first from one end and then from the other

time is your friend in the dyebath
[well, i hope so]
we were quite sad to leave New Orleans
are now at Shakerag
beginning a new adventure


  1. I missed the last few postings and have just looked through them - aahh - do you ever take a bad photo? They are all so beautiful, and this one, I get so excited waiting to see how it's going to turn out and you never disappoint! Might have to go and collect some leaves today - always "inspired by india". Thank you.

  2. the bundle looks like an art piece all by itself.

    so good to see your name on the TAFTA teachers list for next year..

  3. i so love your adventures..............
    tell me all about it.

  4. That bundle does look interesting - I look forward to the unveiling to see what the tumbling, bit-by-bit, one end and then the other produces. Exciting!

  5. India, I have often wondered when I see one of your you wrap them with the twine in any kind of deliberate way? or do you just go for it, randomly...?

    Looking forward to your news from Shakerag (I had SO wanted to attend) but am especially looking forward to the revealing of this bundle!

    Happy adventuring.

  6. this bundle is gorgeous! i can't wait to see how it looks when you unwrap it. :)

  7. spanish moss is everywhere in the south - i live in florida.

    one of the most intriguing uses of spanish moss is, as a yarn, and this article reveals the process (video, too):

    your photo is beautiful.