Sunday, 23 May 2010

shakerag vacancy

it transpires there is a surprise vacancy in my first class at Shakerag
short notice
as it's in a couple of weeks time
but just in case somebody wants to go
here's the link to their site

just press button "B" [class says 'full' on their website but they tell me it's not so...]

oh, and if you're wondering where that lovely image up top is from?
new exhibition opening at the Art Gallery of South Australia this week
'Candid Camera'


  1. Oh India, I would go in a heartbeat if only we did not have a workshop already planned for here, on our little island, during that time....

    HUGE sigh. I will catch you on the wind, one day... :>]

  2. so so far away....
    so just a virtual hug...

  3. Hi India,
    I got curious and visited the Shakerag link... unable to place that name... how delightful! I loved the class being offered on how to build an eco-sustainable house for under $20,000 ... we need more of that here!
    I met a lovely group of Fibre/textile artists who came to meet me at the Gardens the other day and they are keen as anything to try and lure you to Towoomba in the not too distant future.
    Enjoy Shakerag - sounds wonderful!

  4. I emailed Claire R. to find out what the costs are. I'd love to do both weeks. Now, must tell my lovely husband I want to spend more money!

  5. I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for your helpful comments on my blog. I've been finding it really helpful having a few guiding words every now and then.

    Thank you from sunny Yorkshire