Saturday, 29 May 2010


my on-off flirtation with facebook
[revived as a means of participating in a group there]
is being put on ice again
at least for for the time being
i find facebook completely overwhelming

so apologies to those kind folks
who wanted to be friends
i'm still friendly
just sticking to a slightly smaller neck of the woods
where the only twittering is that of the feathered kind
cos i don't think i'll be signing up with the twits any time soon either


  1. but twitter is a whole lot quieter than facebook.

  2. Heard and understood. Some woods are better to hang out in than others :>]]

  3. I have mixed feelings about facebook too, although I tend to stay in my own quiet corner of it. I like what Sweetpea said.

  4. I find face book too much too. It's hard enough keeping up with my blog, let alone responding to the vast line of messages and images, all translated through face book speak. I look at stuff on FB but rarely comment. It's hard enough in blogland.

  5. I must admit not venturing at all into the world of facebook. I'm sure I already spend too much time here with the computer as it is. We in Blog land will happily keep you to ourselves.

  6. I found twitter boring ulitmately and facebook also such a waste of time..I've got a life.Wonderful for my daughter's generation to keep in touch and find old friends, it works brilliantly.

  7. I kind of like FB, I can become a fan of a page, like museums and galleries etc. and read their news. It's better than signing up for email notifications. I don't think I'm signing up for twitter either any time soon, it's already hard to keep up with everything.

  8. It took me a while and gave myself time to understand it a bit, but keep thinking on and off I should just stop again. People are very friendly and kind and you 'meet' so many through the Net and facebook, but not sure about the amount of work sometimes.
    ..Maybe just accept I am an old fashion kinda person who rather have tea in town (any town) with someone. :)