Friday, 28 May 2010

autumn leaves

here's what i was doing today
with a pocketful of windfalls
to be precise

the folks at Shakerag will be able to hold the results in their hands soon
but for the rest of you
i'll post the unravelled boiled bundle

oh, and Zen Habits had something really sensible to say today
[well, he does most times]
go here to have a look


  1. Solitude is something we seem to be forgetting how to do, and it's so vital. I've known people who thought it was really weird of me to want to go away for a few days by myself, and just think and ponder and 'be'. But that's how my ideas for my work form.

  2. Your acer cloth is you roll it around an object or roll it in on itself? Those Shakerag folks are mighty lucky that you go wind shopping!

    I'm grateful for the Zen link...good reminders there.

  3. yes
    a most affirming piece on solitude
    thank you India