Thursday 4 February 2010

a bit of a scrub up

today a very nice photographer came to shoot pictures
for 'Home Beautiful' magazine
so a bit of a scrub up was necessary
just the encouragement that i needed
to sweep up the piles of leaves
and refold various pieces of material

lovely neighbours
blessed me with an abundance of roses
so it smells even better than it looks
swept floor
beaten rugs
and lovely clear space to work in again

Kip the wonder dog
wandered in and out of frame
perhaps there'll be a photo of the two of us together
to add to the layers on the pinboard


  1. Gorgeous. May I come live there? Would you come transform my home? Sigh. Lovely.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the article Indi. Congratulations. Your material is rich and yummy looking. Inviting company is always my main motivation for taking time to tidy. The reward is having it nice for us too.

  3. I smelled those roses immediately :>]]

  4. Congratulations. I don't usually by house magazines anymore but I'll make an exception with this one. Which month will it be?

  5. Beautiful home! It was nice to visit.

  6. What a wonderful atmosphere India.

  7. i love the lush roses against the textiles and other objects: i see some rusty things. yummy.

  8. oh yes, there are lots of rusty bits around
    maybe time for a rustCollectionPost soon

    not sure which edition it will appear in
    i'll let you all know when it does

    while it used to be the trick to cover piles of stuff with an "Indian Throw"
    roses smell and look better

  9. Everything in the garden (and house) looks lovely. You scrubbed up well. Looking forward to seeing you in print again.

  10. That's it...I found a wonderful new place that I'd like to live: your place!!! Be sure to let us know about the magazine. It will be a "must" purchase.

  11. I love the way you make it sound like it took half an hour. If we have to clean up here there is a communal moan as I insist on all hands on deck. They moan as they know it will take at least two days before I'm satisfied!

  12. I must look out for that magazine. When is your home featured?

  13. Fabric and flowers... what else it there? -Jayne

  14. you'll let us know when the issues' out right? so we can come n poke around your place.

  15. i long to fill my house with roses...only 5 months to go...beautiful fabrics and flowers

  16. it DID take two days. and i DIDN'T let her shoot in the house
    cheating, possibly
    but it was about the work, not the bedrooms
    the kitchen
    and the dye-and-felt studio is in a separate little cottage near the woolshed
    which is a VERY GOOD THING.

  17. aha a deja-vu, cause somebody showed me an ABC video where you was around in that beautiful little cottage - such a cosy place with the big fireplace burning with bubbling dyepots...