Tuesday 29 December 2009


funny how the batfone [that's 'mobile' if you're Australian, 'cell' if you're American or 'handy' if you're of Teutonic extraction]
changes the colours of an image
the one above is taken looking towards the sea
the one below looking back from the same spot
the colours are truer on the one below
that's The Dog there, under an improvised tent between two utes [pick-ups, on the other side of the Big Pond]

fun times were had, grinding small red rocks to make marks on paper

the Dog had a splendid time, enjoying fish and chips by the seaside [we bought an extra piece of fish for her and made sure that there was a dog-sized pile of chips without Tabasco, vinegar, extra salt and Louisiana sauce]

that was yesterday.

today we went to the Vet cos the dog was pretty tired. turns out she has a huge tumour.
far too big to operate.

this splendid and faithful Dog has been my right hand on the farm for the past twelve years. she knows 'go back', 'come by' [clockwise around the sheep], 'come round' [anti-clockwise around the sheep
'sit', 'wait', 'stay', 'lie down', 'slow down', 'bring em on' and 'block em'
she also knows 'go home' for which she'll head from the farmhouse from any point on the farm and sit patiently on the doormat until i appear
this could be a handy trick if i fell off a horse, i could tie a note to her collar and she'd head home to raise the alarm.
luckily it's been a while since i fell off, as she doesn't wear a collar.

she is my best friend. what am i going to do without her?
haven't the faintest idea.


  1. some questions have no answer. but mine is you will remember her.

  2. So sad to lose your beloved dog. It sounds as though you are already preparing yourself. It's inevitable I suppose, a huge tumour that is inoperable. But as Jude suggests, you will remember her.

  3. A good friend is so hard to loose. She looks content here, and that's happy. -Jayne

  4. Letting go of what we love is the hardest thing we do as mortals. Peace and strength to you.

  5. Those influenced by the Mighty Boosch call the bat phone a 'hand held twit machine'.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I lost my faithful companion 5 years ago and as I'd had her for 16 years and considered her my favourite friend and member of family it hurt like hell. But I have so many shared memories that every time I think of her (which is often) I smile and remember the happy times that she blessed me with.

  6. Having been through this experience I know there is very little that helps. Wishing peace for both of you....

  7. I am sad for your little dear friend and for you.

  8. oh my god, india. this is unexpected, horrible news. i am so sorry.

  9. and you will never really be without her...

    love and peace..

  10. thanks everyone for your kind thoughts.
    together with our vet [worth his eight in gold] we've worked out a palliative care plan
    and he's offered to swing by the farm when he's in the area
    just to keep an eye on how she's going
    so that she doesn't have to be carted in to the surgery [some 30km return]
    and he's told me that we can contact him any time [and ring him at home on his day off] if she needs urgent help of some kind.

    so we'll try and make her as comfortable as possible.
    when Kip [The Dog] does leave us she'll be joining good company ...Franz Joseph [German Shepherd], Mot [Kelpie x] Flossie, Mucki and Selkie [the last three all Border Collies] will be waiting for her in the Great Paddock

  11. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about the failing health of your beloved dog friend, India...there are no truer friends, no better companions or confidants, than these fur beings...how unjust it is that our time with them is so short, when we must live so long and they cannot.

  12. Dear India, your words fill me with tears. My Poppy too is my only true confidant, who watches my every move. How kind of your vet. Enjoy every day you have left with Kip, she serves you well.

  13. So sorry to hear about Kip, as a farmers wife I know their value both as worker and friend. I too have lost many, the best always seemed to get run over, but to see one go slowly is not nice.I hope she still has some quality of life for a while.

  14. We lost our beautiful farm dog, companion border collie, Zoe to a mammary tumor in 2004 and still remember her. So sad that dogs don't have a human life span.

  15. Mortality finds us all sooner or later, I could just wish it had stayed away from Kippy the wonder dog, the overseer of the shearing shed and master of mob control. That dear dog is just a skin full of love, welcoming family members, guardian angels and special friends.
    We can but be grateful for her loving presence while we have her.

  16. We lost our beautiful, goofy, lugheaded yellow lab on November 7th to mast cell tumors. It was so sad because he could still wag his tail. Putting him down was the hardest thing that we did for a very long time. Love the dog and spend as much time as possible with her as possible. It won't make the hurting less, but it is still worthwhile to do it.

  17. My thoughts are with you too, you and your beloved Kip have a difficult road ahead. I am so eternally glad I didn't have to make that most difficult of decisions when my little bluey, Murphy, died. She was fine one day, and the next her heart just gave out completely. She had just turned 13. Two years later and I still miss her.

  18. Fish and chips? Gosh, I could eat a huge pile of those right now. That's what I get for looking at blogs late at night. :P

  19. Even though it is inevitable that our 4 legged friends will pass on before us it is worth all the sadness for the sheer joy of the time we do get to spend with them.

  20. and looking again, through tears, mind you, i like your page of red marks, too.

  21. Oh Bless Her
    How sad
    just been speaking to my muse,s daughter
    on the landline
    she recently lost her cat "Bunny " her baby
    She has a new cat "Pippa" now
    very timid and not likely to wander into trouble
    I uttered the immortal words
    "I couldn't do with any more heartache"
    then I drop by here
    And my thoughts wander
    and I imagine
    Kip leading my Mum into the great beyond
    guiding her
    like the faithful friend she has always been to you
    Lots of Love TS XX
    All the very best for next year

  22. India, I am so sorry to hear of your dog's diagnosis. This is how we lost our last dog. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

  23. B is also my best friend. So sad not being able to help her...Oh the poor dear...I do hope that she is not suffering...


  24. India, I am also so sad and sorry to hear of your loss....I have been through this several times and it never gets easier....just wanted you to know this is deeply felt.