Monday 7 December 2009

honey[s], i'm home...well nearly...

i've been away a while and now have the luxury of blobbing in the Q lounge and catching up on a veritable avalanche of mail
the interpixies weren't available to play in Mansfield [or Healesville]
so i had the luxury of catching up on writing and stitching
without the de'il's tempting me astray

i dawdled my way to Healesville
gathering fragments from railway lines
and pockets full of windfalls
[birds-eye view above]

the venue they'd organised was delightful
with a lovely deck overlooking the Maroondah Dam
and distant hills
here's proof
in a reflection

one of the students brought her dog
since everyone was happy to have pet therapy
we encouraged her to bring the dog in

when said hound realised that sticks were needed for the wrapping of bundles
she brought in LOTS
but was so busy and fast that all my shots are but a blur

after each day's work
i walked in the beautiful forest
ferns and small blue flowers
flourished amidst tall blackened trees
this koru
reminded me of my soul home across the water

whereas the one below brings back another one
and the purple-leaved plum trees
on Nob Hill


  1. A beautiful piece and a helpful happy dog all in a lovely setting. Sounds lovely. Welcome home.

  2. Your photographs are stunning. I love the idea of a dog helping out. When I make felt, my 3 year old daughter finds the most inventive techniques to help. My favourite so far have been space hopping over a rug and rolling roller skate wheels over the laid out wet felting. I use that a lot now.

  3. Pockets and bags full of gatherings ..... one of my favourite things!

  4. could be Blaf (my dog) "helping us"
    nice story

  5. isn't it wonderful that even when traveling, small moments and small visions bring memories of home and other travels

  6. I have contemplated those trees while walking the labyrinth.... nice post, welcome home! -J

  7. What a provacative and thoughtful post and blog... I have loved visiting today... roxanne

  8. whereas blue trees remind me of you. my boys can spot em now from a moving car. lovely words like balm. i love visiting. its so soothing in here. you write like u are, simple, uncluttered and quiet. u could be a monk, lol. ;)

  9. I too have been away for more than a week and will remain on the road a few more days. Though it is nice to travel and see new and different things, I have also been mostly without an Internet connection and it feels like being in the Dark Ages.

    I cannot wait to be returning home, having a routine and possible being able to return a finish some art.

    Wishing you all the very best this holiday season,

  10. Today I received my first issue of Hand/Eye (discovered thanks to you)! Mmmmm, lots of delicious stuff, and I loved your I'm itching to start boiling up strange concoctions and potions from my garden to see what they do...I have a white cotton skirt that's just crying out for some earthy colour!