Thursday, 5 November 2009

the [calm] eye of the storm

Robyn over at Art Propelled
has put together a post about

which i much enjoyed reading
it reminded me that
the most important thing i have learned through these 6 weeks of playing with mud
is the importance of centering

and just as the clay is pushed down and outward on the wheel
before being gathered in again to the centre
i have developed a pattern of centering my mind before work/writing/stitching
being still and listening for the farthest away sound
and gradually listening closer and closer inward

until i hear my own heart beating
and am centered
and can begin with a still and focussed mind

it has been a gift


  1. What you have expressed here is exactly how I felt when I crossed the torii gates and entered the temple grounds-- centered stillness.

  2. It's amazing when you do this how your shoulders relax.

  3. Reading this was a mantra unto itself. -J

  4. This is quite timely. I have often tried to describe to others the secret of centering clay. I have found my own will uncentered of late so perhaps this way of thinking about it would help.

  5. I sat for months near the Ocean. Listening to the meditative, deep, in and out breath of this liquid mother. I observed the ocean’s primal quality and powerful energy. I crossed it on a boat. Being near it, I became aware of its energy. I sat. I walked. I absorbed. I waited.

    I visited, and stayed in, a 5000 year old eucalypt forest and listened to the ancient whispers and shouts of the trees. I spend time alone in the desert of Australia and listened to the inner stillness. I was able to hear my heart beating.

  6. God said "Be still and know that I am God." Perhaps one of my biggest challenges is stilling myself. Stilling the chatter and noise that is my life sometimes. Each time I do, I hear His voice. Then I am truly centred. I've had to do this more and more. I love it as a daily practice. And when I don't, I can tell. My spirit is restless and everything gets difficult. Arohanui sweet gondwana sister. x

  7. I'm not very good at this . . . need to read on for more hints, I think!

  8. Aaah... I've just tried it and feel soothed.
    (Thanks for the mention)

  9. papermaking, when i have a big run, is this way, only it's the water and pulp playing. quietly, water music. glad you reminded me.

  10. I enjoyed reading this very much, and it comes at a time when I need it the most. Thank you.

  11. thanks for this. i will add to this reading a few pages of your book which is really calming to me.

  12. a gift indeed...(have you red Jude's post?)