Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Boro: Rags and Tatters from the Far North of Japan

gentle readers,
does anybody out there have a copy of this book that they would be prepared to part with?

Rags and Tatters from the Far North of Japan

i'd be happy to give it a good home in exchange for money or if you prefer, a length of ecoprint silk or wool

please leave me a comment if you have it or know where i can find it

Readings Bookstore have just advised they are unable to source this book after all...does anybody have a copy they'd be willing to trade?



    These sites may be able to help.Good luck!

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  3. thanks for leaving this post up because I am going to Kyoto Japan next week and will keep and eye out for it in bookstores and so on... the book looks like something I would like :-)

  4. I'm wondering where is the post from "Debbie" that you said provided a source or two for the Boro book you are looking for?

    I found a video posted Oct 08 at that features Yoshiko I. Wada discussing Boro. About 11:30 minutes into film, she holds up a book I own that is another excellent source on Boro--190 pages of mostly photographs. All text is in Japanese. Perhaps "Layers" could look for it in Japan as well. Wada who has authored two books on shibori says she is working on a Boro book of her own.

    I enjoy your blog and website. Found a reference to your book on another fiber artist's blog and Googled you. What a treat! Bought your book immediately.

  5. Debbie suggested [actually in an email not a comment, my mistake] that I check out Readings Bookstore in Melbourne. I've placed my order but it will take some time.
    If you're in Japan, Layers, i believe there was an exhibition of the same name at the Aoyama Book Centre, Aoyama. they may still have copies of the book.
    and Darcy i did get hold of another gorgeous book from Yoshiko [check out the pages at] all in Japanese but with a beautiful red and blue and multi-colour patchwork cover. is that the one you're thinking of?

    I also understand that Yoshiko Wada curated an exhibition of Boro textiles at the San Francisco Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts back in 2004
    wish i'd seen it!

  6. oh, and Darcy, thanks for buying my book...tried to find a link to you but couldn' had to paste it here!

  7. Looks like a great book. I love things "boro boro". So nice to meet a fellow Sagitarrius, born in the rat, wandering with out a destination (or how you put it, wandering but not lost...I like that!)
    Thanks for finding my "Found" blog.
    I look forward to visit here again...

  8. Thank you India for reminding me of these beautiful textiles, actually I didn't even know they were called Boro.

    As my exam work 12 years ago I made a collection of knitwear using old clothing cut up rag rug style. In the text, where I wrote about the life cycle of textiles and more specifically of different methods of recycling them, I had a couple of photos of Boro textiles.

    Just earlier this week I shook off the dust of a skirt and top of my above mentioned work to show it at the Creative Fibre meeting, where the theme was recycled. I love this kind of synchronicities!

  9. Hi India and others
    I just got back from Japan, I was traveling with Deb Donnelly from Whitireia Polytech, here in New Zealand.

    I went to the exhibition of 'Boro' which I found by accident when I was visiting the Asakusa Temple. I managed to talk my way in even though it wasn't due to open till the next day (yesterday actually - 1st of november 2009). I was allowed to take photos but I couldn't buy the book as the exhibition hadn't started yet and the shop wasn't open.

    However the exhibition is now at 'Amuse Gallery' in Asakusa, Tokyo. The website is

    and it is possible you may be able to order the book but there didn't seem to be anyone who really spoke a lot of English so if you have Japanese friends it might be better if you could get someone to write in Japanese to order it.

    Hope this helps, I will put some of my photos from the exhibition on my blog shortly.
    Clare Smith

  10. thanks everyone, am now the very happy possessor of the sought after tome
    posted to me by Gallery Tsumugi
    from who i also sourced a lovely boro fragment as well

  11. what a wonderful thing this boro is .. thankyou for posting about it .. will be on the lookout ...

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  13. If you like, I can order it, have it sent to my mother, and she can post it to you.