Wednesday, 9 September 2009

fishing in the whirlpool

while fishing for something else entirely [often the way] i found a site that might be of use to other artists

is hosted by the ABC
[that's the national broadcasting network here in Oz, for those of you not familiar with things on the Big Red Island]

Australian artists can upload pix and clips and other stuff. maybe others can too. who knows.

so in between unwrapping dye bundles [see above] i've submitted a few things.

it seems there's no end to the amusing ways in which one might publicly make a complete pratt of oneself if one so desired...


  1. The colors, the passages of shapes and the textures...really satisfying to see this work.

    I have hope for myself now that I am a member of the big wide world of blogging that I may come to learn more about parts of the world such as THE BIG RED ISLAND! ;o}

  2. What delightful patterns! Like wearing art! They look so delicate, dainty and I would love to se it in a flowing skirt!

  3. trying to understand your process... the shapes really do look like fish splashing or flowing in water.

  4. a little bit of attention is what the pratt matter how.
    Let them be....
    Your unwrapping gave you beautiful presents

    for you he smell of fresh tagetes.....


  5. Oohh some wonderful washed tones, and beautiful leaf prints here....

  6. Ooooo that first one, is making my heart race. I saw it in my sidebar and had to hop on over.

  7. Absolutely beautiful prints. I love they are arresting a bit away, and then the detail pulls you in. Works of art!

  8. thank you everybody for your kind words...

  9. Congratulations - you've won an award! Scoot on over to No Telling to pick it up!