Thursday, 27 August 2009

La Rochelle, 2011

a little earlier this year i had it fixed in my tiny mind that there would be a dye symposium at La Rochelle in April of 2010. and vaguely thought i might, as a consequence, be wandering Europe in May next year.

i was wrong.

the good news is that there will indeed be a plant dye symposium at La Rochelle, France, in April of 2011. ISEND2011 will follow on from the UNESCO Symposium held in Hyderabad in 2006. the event will run from April 24th to 30th and is being organised by Anne de la Sayette and Dominique Cardon

register your interest for this important natural dye event by emailing

info [at] isend2011 [dot] com

...see you there?


  1. i too, would have had very fond thoughts of wandering in europe next year
    dare to dream
    let's both keep the flame of hope alive for this one

  2. beuatifull place La Rochelle - I guess we have to be patience and wait some more..

  3. That picture is amazing! I mean, really! I love it!