Thursday 30 July 2009

messages in bottles

there's a little note on blogger-buzz [you'll find that on your blogspot dashboard] suggesting folks might like to write a post on what blogging means to them.

so here goes.

for me, it's quite simply a gentle and [relatively] environmentally friendly way of popping a message in a metaphorical bottle and setting it loose on the imaginary seas
without upsetting
the seals and whales or the whirled oceans
or getting my boots wet

every so often a bottle washes up on some distant shore
every now and then
a message finds its way back again

what i find truly enchanting about the whirled wide web is that what was developed as a communicatory tool for an armed force [the US Army] has become the instrument of friendships around the whirled

and i'm not so innocent that i don't think it's also a handy way of scanning the thoughts of the masses for information

so here's a wave to you too, Big Brother, wherever you are. i know it's not Big Sister watching, she's much too busy collecting up all those socks that get eaten by washing machines each week.


  1. I like that image of blogging/the web. Kind of what I hope for too.

  2. What a beautiful outlook you have!

  3. I am glad the bottles are metaphorical otherwise we would not see the ocean for bottles. I love this analogy.

  4. you are great!!! you make me chuckle!

  5. Garden Delights left a message on my blog saying I would like your blog and that there were similarities with mine. Hmmm, she was right - I do like what you write, I will be back again soon. I love the analogy with bottles on shores.

  6. My gosh! I found you through Mary Ellen's blogroll. I just posted my blog entry #100, and its title is "Message in a Blog-Bottle". I'd never heard anyone else use the metaphor, and here you are. Maybe I've just not been paying attention ;-)

    Enjoyed the post.

  7. Great analogy...."and every now and then a message finds its way back again"'s great isn't it?

  8. Found you through a virtual snippet on Blogger buzz, glad that I dropped by.