Monday 27 July 2009

island life

despite being somewhat steam rollered by a Big Year a little voice told me to say 'yes, please' when an invitation came from the South Island [Tasmania]
to visit there and say a few words at the opening of an exhibition
and also
to hold a workshop

i left it all entirely in the hands of Desiree Fitzgibbon,
thinker, poet, painter
and now also friend and skinsister

on arrival she took me to Rosny Farm
where my work was showing as
Nine Patch

from there we wandered on to Steele's Island
a truly magical spot

by some miracle the owners were away and so i played Robinson Crusoe for a night 
marooned [very happily] on the island

taking a lovely walk in the last light

and greeting the day, all by myself on a frost encrusted beach on the morning of the workshop

and yes, i'm aware i live a fortunate life....and i am grateful.


  1. and i'm grateful you let me travel a little with you.

  2. you give a lot and you are able to receive...(another loving link to you on my blog)

    by robinsona

  3. What a beautiful corner of the world...

  4. tis indeed a magical spot... and i'll certainly be heading back there at some point

  5. just looking at baches up the far north of aotearoa and trying to get my head around travelling with three kids in tow, cheapest accom $60 per night perhaps. no richard either. then i see this and realise that the effort it takes to get places is only fully realised as one walks upon new shores. u really are blessed dear one.

  6. yes - this is indeed a lovely life
    for this moment
    i was there with you
    and boy, was it GOOD!

  7. marooned has a wonderful sound

  8. Hi, just curious about the hanging system for the garments. I teach C+G fashion, and sometimes we really have to scour peoples lofts for dummies to display the work when we have an exhibition. I can't really tell just what is being suspended from the string from the ceiling and how the garments are staying on them. Can you give some insight...or a link to the person who set up the display?
    sandy in the uk

  9. the garments are suspended on simple pieces of wire, slightly kinked in the middle, turned back at each end so there are no sharp edges

    i like things to be shown with the minimum of artifice

  10. Wonderful pics, love your exhibition peices. Marooned sounds cold but peaceful.

  11. Thanks India,
    I like the simpleness of the hanging so all the focus can be on the garment. Much better than hangers stuck over noticeboards!

    I really enjoy the blog.
    Sandy in the UK