Thursday, 7 May 2009

smoke and mirrors

spotted during my early morning perambulations in lovely Lier, Belgium

yes, you're seeing that correctly, those are leaf-shaped prints and here's a closer look 

lovely aren't they....but imagine the trouble involved in printing this fabric using synthetic dyes - when it could have been so much simpler [and far less poisonous] with a handful of leaves.



  1. the observations you made in relation to your natural dying and a shop window fare show your awareness of being able 'to see the connections'
    These window images remind me of a Japanese Haiku poem: The garden from the past: as though of old
    it wore the leaves' brocade of bronze and gold

    Thanks for taking me on your journeys

  2. thank you Petrus for that haiku. you always seem to have elegant contributions to make...

    and no Martine, i didn't tell them,,,my wandering past was at about 7 in the morning on my pre-breakfast walk...vaguely thought about swinging by in the afternoons but was having so much fun with you all in Marina's lovely garden that by the time i had thought of it again, the shops were well and truly closed..

  3. also the eco prints are much more exiting....

  4. hallo india,

    hab gar nicht gewusst,dass du deutsch sprichst!!! lieben dank für deinen kommentar in meinem blog.
    das buch "hexentrank und wiesenschmaus" bekommst du bestimmt über amazon, sollte kein problem sein.

    herzliche grüsse,

  5. es gibt immer neue geheimnisse zum entdecken... :))

  6. i struggle to spend money in shops these days, and slowly we are making subtle shifts away from the mainstream market and where i can, i purchase second hand or handmade or try and make it myself. it's more fun, more affordable and the 'gathering' of things is so cool. sigh. people just want lots of things, all the time, a wasteful society with little understanding of the problems we are all a part of creating with our greed and selfishness. bring back the local cottage industries I say, it sure would help with these 'recession' times.

  7. Hi India,
    Did you also visited the "Zimmertoren" ?

  8. yes Wim, i used it as one of several navigation points during my daily wanderings...