Sunday, 17 May 2009

a pool in a forest

i wandered eastward last week 
refreshed a few incantations by dipping them in the sea
stood in reviving rain
found treasure by [yet another] railway track
gloried in green
on land as well as cloth

rediscovered friends
in various places
and then while taking a quiet moment in a forest
before beginning the road home
gazed down at The Beastie  
to find it transformed


  1. what a beautiful forest pool. I have also been gazing into forest pools in the tropical north of Australia. Tranquil and refreshing. Have a safe journey home.

  2. thanks T, i'm back...and let me confess... it's not really a pool, but the bonnet of my car [aka The Beastie]

  3. well my question is answered ( what is your beastie....)
    forest trees are the standing tribe..they show the light of eternety.

  4. The beastie seems to be the next best thing to the witches mirrored ball. See the world in a drop of rain.....

  5. What a lovely photo (with a twist?) The colours are fab.
    (My car is nickamed the T bird)

  6. Thanks for dropping by Quail By Mail...I see you are a mudlarker too! I used to live near Tower Bridge and would find horse teeth, blue china and tiny antique bottles in the slightly grotesque mud!

  7. This was a beautiful piece of pondering... Loved the imagery... Also, I have tagged you on my page, if you're not into blogger games, that's cool, but there's a list of things if you're up for it. cheers!

  8. I was walking with you there...Lovely posts here. Pleased I have stumbled upon your blog. Best wishes, A