Tuesday, 21 April 2009

a national treasure

last Friday, on the way to Tumut [in New South Wales] for the felt and dye workshop, i took a small [140km] detour to Tumbarumba 
to visit the Pioneer Women's Hut

where i was given a lovely cup of tea and several caramel chocolate biscuits [by the lovely Jan who had come especially to open the Museum out of hours] and allowed to wander and take photographs to my heart's content

the collection embraces the National Quilt Register as well as extraordinarily beautiful items such as handmade wire pegs, water cans constructed from kerosene tins, buttons, household furniture
boxes of mending
drawer upon drawer of lace doilies
and jug covers

a shelf that runs around the Museum is clad in a decoratively cut newspaper border

an enormous gum leaf takes pride of place above the teacosy-clad mantel...

well worth a visit [even without caramel biscuits!]


  1. Thank you for a glimpse of those who loved fibre in another place and time.

  2. Have a safe flight
    watch out for the Singapore Slings
    see you in Blighty!!

  3. wishing i had a magic carpet....the buttons....

  4. Beautiful - I was wondering if you would wander over the the pioneer women's hut when I saw you would be in Tumut! I had the opportunity to go about 5 years ago with a good friend. have always wanted to return, and WILL one day. such a treasure.

  5. I must put that on places to visit list, the wire pegs look nice, useful yet attractive.

  6. That looks great, I bought an old aunts house and had a lot of those pegs (which I have given away..... to the like minded other than a couple) I might have an extra couple for next time I see you

  7. that's very sweet of you Janette, thank you! Twisted I'll make sure i don't get Slung or Blighted on the way thither and Imbi, from what i've learned of you so far, rustling up a magic carpet shouldn't be too hard...

  8. Looks like s must see next time we are there.

  9. ooh! I want to visit too. I justsgot back from the TAFTA forum, where I knitted non stop with Jenny Dowde and Lynne Johnson. I saw your gorgeous book in the traders section too.,

  10. lucky you...forums are always outrageous fun!