Tuesday, 17 February 2009

thoughts at dawn

while there's nothing we can do to ease the pain of those who have lost family and friends and homes in the terrible fires ... we can offer support.

donating through the Red Cross helps with the basics and i know of folks who are giving their caravans for housing; but there'll be other things that are missing that are not so easily replaced such as the stash of threads, yarns and fabrics that those of us who work with textiles always have about the place. not to mention those favourite books.

seems trivial but i recall even 10 years after Ash Wednesday thinking i'd just rummage in the cupboard for some treasure or other to make something with and then recalling that it now formed part of the foundations of the rebuilt house

so here's the thought...

we're not such a big country in terms of "knowing somebody who knows somebody"... if we take the trouble to find that friend of a friend who could use some help and make up a care parcel designed specifically for that person it will do a little bit of good towards rebuilding a life.

i've sent one off already and if you know of someone else who could use a little something from India Flint i'd be happy to hear from you. email me via the contact page on my website with a mailing address for the person and a brief outline of their textile interests and i'll see what i can do.


  1. What a generous thought - the parcels will bring some much needed joy to the recipients.

  2. I like the way you respond to things. People, nature, land, culture, situations, cloth. It's personal and authentic. I received with much joy my own little care parcel. I want to hang them on the wall but I can't stop wearing my new favourite felt scarf. And it's summer. Actually I have a cold, so it came at the perfect time. I love it. I love that the wool is from your sheep (I assume), shorn and handfelted, ecoprints from your property's trees and using precious water from ur part of the world. I love my silk one, save that for flash stuff, but the wool scarf with the apple-like prints (and what colour!) is just beyond words. Me loves it very much. (Knuckles looks on with amusement as mother unwraps prezzie with squeals of delight and now has said foreign object wrapped permanently around her neck.) Thank you so very much. How fortunate for me to have two beautiful India Flint creations. Thank you my friend. They are treasures indeed!

  3. i'm just delighted that it arrived, given i lost your address and had to google for it and then it came up with a familiar number but a different initial....silly me....

  4. Hi India, It was good to hear from you the other day. I am glad you are well and I hope those your hold dear were not touched by tragedy. Thinking of you with thoughts of hope and a bit of rain thrown in. Chris