Friday, 13 February 2009

comic relief?

South Australia - the driest state on the driest continent - already has a reputation as the village idiot given twice as much water [in an average year] falls on Adelaide as the city needs to function...but this water isn't considered safe to use and is allowed to flow out to sea.

those in government still [seriously!] think that the stuff that's pumped from the once-mighty Murray [and has been through seven sets of intestines, never mind the rest of the chemical cocktail it carries] is of higher quality. they've saved a bit of this lovely brew in the reservoirs where the daily evaporation rate of an average half-inch off the surface is concentrating the salts and so forth nicely.

one of those reservoirs has been constructed on the River Torrens up in the Mount Lofty Ranges. further down where the Torrens puddles through the city of Adelaide there's a weir that holds back the "Torrens Lake". or did.

a night or so ago, while the lock-keeper was having a cup of tea and a bickie and not really paying attention having dropped a few stitches on his knitting... one of the little motory thingies that controls part of the lock decided to give up the ghost, let the water gurgle out and dribble away to the sea.

nobody noticed in the dark and so the city woke up to these jolly scenes.

i happened past the riverbank on other business later in the day and was politely informed by a gentleman reclining at the riverside with a bottle in a brown paper bag that the way to park your car in the river like this is to let it roll down the embankment [with some encouragement] and drop it in the river whereupon it apparently floats to the middle and then sinks.

i enquired whether his information was gleaned from a wealth of experience and he giggled. which may or may not have had something to do with the bottle in the brown paper bag.

local opinion is that the river is going to look like that for some least until the next rains; as if they pull the plug on the reservoir upstream Adelaide residents will have to bathe in champagne or asses milk... because there certainly won't be any water left.

and i'm betting any fish that happened to be swimming past the mouth of the Torrens when it was spewing forth its disgusting effluent into the sea are feeling more than a little queasy now - the water is so revoltingly putrid and polluted that bathing has been banned for years! 


  1. Is that the Torrens??
    It was a sludgy mess the last time I saw it about 6 months ago, and dont even START on the Murray river discussion. It's all my dad ever talks about. I remember gorgeous family camping trips riverside, full of catfish and swimming. No more. *sigh* Only in Adelaide.(i was born there, so I get to whine about it.)

  2. aha it seems our fathers share common ground! if you scroll down the right-hand side of my blog you'll reach a list entitled "where i sometimes graze" on 'water' [near the bottom] to go to Pa's water rant...

  3. I hear you India. That's so frustrating. Canada has her share of environmental idiocy/injustice.

  4. Thanks for the visit, and the book suggestion. I shall look it up. Lovely place you have here. I sneaked a peek at your work. Most impressive. I'm sure I shall return, and you are welcome over at our place anytime.

    As for the water issues, we have plenty here as well. I see people fishing in our main water source, which is a river I shouldn't like to dip a toe in for fear of the pollution and I can only imagine the fishermen are practicing their casts, not actually fishing for dinner.

  5. India
    I just can't take the absolute enormity of this disaster in properly
    Build that underground space so you will always be safe
    Thinking of you
    Alison x

  6. Ha Ha that made me laugh wouldn't we look good for the Fringe & Womadelaide. I loved last nights news where Mr Harbison thought environmentalists may have sabotaged the weir. I like your version better...... knitting and a cuppa.