Monday, 15 December 2008


here are some delicious accidents that happen when one remembers to lay paper under the dyepots...[thanks, Christine, trusty handmaiden at the recent workshop in Canberra]...perhaps using silken dropsheets could be a good idea.

sometimes these accidental marks are more interesting than those made with an experimental's hard to know when to stop when one has the brush in hand. it would be a gift to be able to draw or paint like a child again...

but i'm waffling. i really wanted to say thank you to all those friendly souls [forty, i note with blushing surprise] who have signed up as followers...i'm having some very pleasant journeys following the breadcrumbs through the  forest to your sites, too....


  1. lovely Inida, and I like the word splishsplash - I had the same 'accident' (see my blog fiberfusing) and you know what is fun too - smashing the leftoverpulp from bundling with your fingers on paper and create a textured design... playing is FUN! xD

  2. Hi India,such surprises make me so happy and once I read that Picasso said, je ne cherche pas je trouve. I love to work without plan, following my hands, my thoughts as they go, finding the way they want to go, and so to speak, when I land in the here and now, the results are surprising me often.
    have a nice day..yvette

  3. India...I often print the "back" of a printing plate!!! and use the rags and papers I have on hand to catch use as potential collage elements in my work! Random, free and often beautiful, just like your images here!

  4. Some people say there is no coincidence. I say, there is! What would we do without it? Random things and shapes are my precious inspiration.

  5. Some of my best papers come from the sheets of paper on the table, the paper towels used to mop up the stray paint also look great and being two ply you can separate them and end up with a bonus.

  6. I am enjoying your "Followers" too, when I have a few spare minutes I cruise.......... surprising what you can find!
    One thing the Blog does not have is a search to find specific areas of interest, yes I know you can click on the underlined words, but that might give you a lot of wasted time.
    India, have a good time at the "Grampians" say hello to the ones that were in Geelong please, I'll be thinking of you, contemplating on the beach or in the Cradle mountains (can't decide which is better, maybe the Gordon cruise?)
    Keep bunddling surprises,

  7. The beauty in the unplanned... like an unexpected Christmas present...

    Hope you had a very happy Birthday!!! like the Blue Booby... nothing else is needed except what is there...

  8. I love the breadcrumb motif..such rich images in my head now...

  9. India,
    You have an amazing way with words and gestures.

  10. These splashes are great, but I bet your wedding dress is even better. Interesting how all the dye changes colour on the paper. Happy beeding. >)