Thursday, 4 December 2008

capering in the capital

it's been a marvellous [if exhausting] week. i travelled to Canberra and found two new 'besties' [and slept with one of them!]. i also taught a workshop 'introduction to Eco Colour'. 

'T' [who also blogs] was there too and has written a very kind account of the goings on here. and a bit more here.  thanks T for your generous words and for taking lots of pictures [even if some of them suggest i need to exercise more!] was good to meet the living and breathing you.

colour samples from a range of plants including good old onion skins

and again

the joy of complex cloth, above and below...

it was an interesting workshop which included participants from far and wide, a most delightful bunch who by and large meet through Bonnie Begg's Canberra-based sewing school. the only fly in the ointment was when one participant left [after only one hour] on the first day, allegedly murmuring that she could do this at home. i found the precipitate departure disturbing. perhaps if that lost lamb is out there reading this in blogwhirled she may like to contact me and let me know just what the disappointment was... 


  1. Fabulous colour and patterns. What a wonderful success from the dye pots!
    not all those who wander are lost, not even stray lambs...may be just PMT.

  2. Reading teresa's stories about the workshop, how she loved it...I can't wait till you know the date for you coming over to the Netherlands!

  3. Wish i could do this at home but i can't, although i try very hard. Have to wait till you come to the Netherlands.
    Lovely colors, patterns and besties you got there.

  4. very much looking forward to the Netherlands...and also Belgium. am beginning to think maybe a hop across Europe when i go to Latvia in April might be a very sensible notion...I'll let you all know if that idea is practicable....

  5. Your eco-color concept is fascinating. I would attend your workshop, and I'm sure many others would too, so you should forget about that one that left. Love the cats!

  6. Your blog is so beautiful, I love your dying and fiber art. Very gorgeous.

  7. Exhausting is right, I am still swimming in my wave of inspiration from your workshop.

    I am glad you took some photos of the samples, don't they look fabulous. I was waiting for them all to be placed out together, but it was a bit windy. Not to worry.

    You are very kind about my reporting on the workshop, I just wanted to record it all while it was still fresh in my head. (And you look great in my photos, your silk clothes are fantastic, you wear them well, what is this exercise thing anyway)

    Dont let the flies worry you. Its the bees that bite.


  8. I think your samples and cloths look fantastic and am wondering if I could whizz over to the Netherlands when you come unless you are planning a Uk trip? Shouldn't worry about the one disappointed lady -I reckon it is her problem not yours!
    I am now about to visit T's blog to see what she has written no doubt it will make ne very envious -sigh. Helen in grey wet overcast North Wales ( now don't you feel sorry for me!)

  9. Those colours, so vibrant! I think although you know a lot, you will even learn more with the 20% left-over of aknowledge you don't know. Hope you do understand me. See all the others work, shearing experience, the hidden tricks and tips. You did a great job in that weekend! - maybe the one that left you will come back some day..
    Hope to meet you in Holland soon!

    btw I've done some experiments yet, see my blog 'fiberfusing'

  10. Placed a more compimentary photo up today.

  11. it's very true...each time i teach somewhere i learn something new, and come away with new ideas about the next step on the path. Arthur Phillips [the watercolourist who taught the workshop i described recently] said "there can be no inspiration without information". a pearl of wisdom i caught in mid-air and stowed in my pocket....

  12. Did I see Helen say you are coming to the Netherlands?When and if so ,can we all come-this is lovely work.The woman who left must have been mad!

  13. Stunningly beautiful! I never thought that petals give such strong colours! --
    Thanks for your kind comment.

  14. Fabulous outcome as usual, it must be like opening a kiln after a firing, when you unfurl that beautiful fabric.