Tuesday, 28 October 2008

a thought

if public transport in India looks like this (much like public transport in St Petersburg, Russia) what do the nuclear reactors look like? and do they really, truly, think they'll plant a flag on the moon (a possibility suggested in the Hindu Times last week). just wondering...

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  1. I am trying to decide where on that bus it would be reasonably safe to sit, perhaps on the roof where you can see what's coming and jump?

  2. This bus has been in some sort of accident.I think its unfair to generalise and say all public transport is similar to this as for planting a flag on the moon I think you will be pleasantly surprised because it will happen.India is a land of extraordinary contrasts and making the impossible possible is an everyday phenomena which I am a witness to, I must say even I am surprised.

  3. fair comment, dear Embellisher...but most of the public transport that travelled through the village I worked in had been in some sort of accident.

    as for planting a flag on the moon, from my standpoint it is a really silly idea (just as silly as when the Americans did it). fix the poverty at home (just as the Americans should do as well!) before wandering off into space. the billions of dollars/rupees could be far better spent cleaning up the country.

    and that remark applies to any country mucking about with useless research programs!

    it also applies to the state I live in, where instead of doing something about the water supply system or the woefully inadequate public transport system, the government is speculating about building more football stadia.

    call me cynical if you will, but it all seems like nothing has really changed since the Romans developed their plan to keep the masses occupied by diverting them with bread and circuses. except that in some countries there are too many people and too little bread.

  4. I hope you had safer transportation on your journey through India. And I completely agree with your comments about the poverty at home. Hopeful the US will have a positive change of government soon, One that acknowledges those of us with incomes under 6 figures.

  5. Yes, I know it looks rickety, not much different to how I feel some days...but it has got character!!!
    Definately worth a photograph and probably safer than a motorbike!!!

  6. I agree wholeheartedly about the going to the moon bit. Why do they want to? It has all been done before.

    It would be much better if they just made their busses safer.

    You know world poverty and starvation really would not be an issue if the world could just share. There is enough food to go around, it is just not shared out right around the world.

    But if governments, and all keep wasting resources on trips to the moon what hope is there of solving world poverty?


  7. please look at those in need who are close to you. This is in my opinion how to make a better world.

  8. Any country that can keep that bus running probably can go to the moon. But as India said, why?