Sunday, 26 October 2008

reflecting on a passage to India

herewith the first of an abundance of images snapped whilst hurtling through the whirlpool that is southern India. it's a country of strong contrasts; beautiful and terrible at the same time. exquisite flowers with rich perfumes, jewel-coloured houses, clouds of dragonflies and rainbows of sarees struggle for memory space alongside plastic-infested soils, sad-eyed dogs, terrifying traffic and skinny cattle.  somewhere in there is also the hint of the shadow of a passing  leopard. 

the purpose of the excursion (organised and financed by Beautiful Silks) was to assist the people at Vikasana to establish a training program that will eventually allow presently un-waged and homeless women to earn money and build ecologically sustainable housing amid organically managed vegetable gardens. it is a good dream.

my specific role there was to determine the feasibility of developing a natural dye project there. more on that later. it's taking some time for the wee brainchip to process it all...


  1. Looking forward to hearing and seeing some more of your travels.

  2. Wonderful flower shot, am all agog to hear more!

  3. thanks for visiting.

    the country india sounds exotic, and kaotic, but fascinating. thanks for sharing it with us.

    organic gardens, green housing, and ecodying in a small community. big challenge. very worthwhile though.