Wednesday, 6 August 2008

hey honey, how was your day?

When the fictitious life-partner comes home this evening (see somewhere over the rainbow) and says ‘hi Honey, how was your day?’ I’ll be able to give a good account of myself.
I chopped wood, fed the poddy, screwed the door handle back on again, sharpened the gardening tools, played relatively harmonious noises on the saxophone and cut grass for the chooks and bunnies…and, oh yes, I spent an hour carefully cutting leaf shapes from Spanish onion skins.
Yup, it’s true. And why?

Blame Adelaide’s reticulated water supply, folks. One of the costumes I’d made for Leigh Warren & Dancers’ recent production “Seven” had changed colour suddenly after a recent laundering. It had been ecoprinted with purple prunus leaves and was holding up very nicely until now. My suspicion is that the reservoirs may just have received their annual dose of copper sulphate (about 40 tonnes per pond) and that this, along with increased levels of salt in the water (concentrated due to evaporative activity) may have tipped the little apron over the brink. The leaf prints had, for whatever reason, turned a deep tan.

August is not a good month for finding purple prunus leaves in the southern hemisphere, so what’s a girl to do? Yep, sit down and trim a bag of saved purple Spanish onion skins to the right shape. A true labour of love happily undertaken for my favourite dance company; all in all quite a productive day, I thought.

Pity I forgot to wash up, vacuum my bedroom and hang out the sheets...good thing the dream-boat partner remains just that…a figment of fiction and dreams!
but if you're looking for the picture of true love, look at the photo below. Rodin, eat your heart out!


  1. I just read your "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

    ....What an amazing writer you are as well as everything else! I can't believe men are not falling at your feet... ahh I see it now.. you are too smart for them.. they feel intimidated...

    There must be one smart fellow out there ... somewhere...

  2. You are the partner of whom you dream. Everything else must flow from the life you are creating.

    And when I come over to visit? I always leave feeling calmer than when I arrived.

    Now you've inspired me to account well for myself today.

  3. What a beautiful post...and I bet that dream partner will materialize before too long.

  4. thank you all for your lovely comments...funny how the internet, developed initially as a military adjunct, has become the world wide web, linking friends around the globe.
    there's always a good reason for something, i say.
    and don't worry, while the dream partner stays in the imaginary whirled he'll keep picking up his own socks and i can keep avoiding housework and fill my time with all the other stuff instead. all good.