Wednesday, 7 May 2008

¿Por qué muestra mi pasaporte una imagen de mi abuela?

no more travelling now for a few months. back to home and cats in the sun, and playing with the spanish translation website...

como un pequeño búho hervido el oso diminuto de comadreja de siluro se sentó mirar en el sol

(in other words) like a small boiled owl the tiny catfish weasel bear sat gazing into the sun

and in case you needed to know, the title of the post translates as
why does my passport show a picture of my grandmother?


  1. NICE Blog :)

  2. Yes, and my driver's license does, too.

  3. Me too. But like my mother.

  4. Desafortunadamente, el liscense de mi conductor muestra una imagen de mi padre. Get it: MI PADRE.

  5. so long as your father isn't as old as my (late) grandmother, you still have the winning hand, dear Camellia!