Saturday, 3 May 2008

pennies from heaven

for a wandering dyer every new destination offers some sort of treasure, whether as-yet-untried plant material, roadside ironmongery or the thrill of the thrift-store bargain

some of these were found trackside at San Jose, others here and there on the streets of San Francisco. they're resting on a bargain silk shirt

windfalls on Russian Hill

and this is what became of that shirt after being bundled into my travelling dyepot...


  1. That looks wonderful. I am planning a journey to collect windfall autumn leaves soon. Did you cut up the shirt before you dyed it?

  2. Mmmmmmmmm... what wonderful pictures. I spent long minutes gazing at them. I love all your photographs.

  3. yes, Liquorice...the shirt is no longer what it once now a collection of coloured fragments.
    oh, and you might want to try that hapa-zome technique with your autumn leaves
    and thanks everyone for your friendly comments...

  4. Thank you . I have been out today collecting read leaves and have some in the pot and I will certainly try the hapa-zome with them.

  5. Collecting discarded bits and pieces is one of my favourite pastimes. That little pile you have there is yummy.

  6. your t-shirt turned out great! i love all of your work.