Sunday, 27 April 2008

yerba buena

the beauty of modern communicatory devices is that one can wander the whirled with batfone in pocket (as opposed to being an obvious and complete git, simply seeing one's journey through a donkey-sized lens all the time).

it can be whipped out for unobtrusive and grainy happy snaps...the box brownie of our times

San Francisco remains one of my favourite cities. good postcards stored in mental pix file...self-important pigeons clustered on top of a warm air vent in the pavement, looking rather like tubby German businessmen waiting for a tour bus

sunset on the Bay, dodging the waves, soaking a silk dress in seawater, a pre-mordant for whatever comes next as it begins its journey to Denmark via much needle stabbing and colour soaking

Bombay Sapphire on the terrace, watching the boats chug past and the last parrot swoops of the evening on the side of Telegraph Hill. fragrance of roses, lilacs, wisteria and jasmine wafting up from the secret gardens on Filbert steps

standing on a greensward in Crissy Field, with the sharp scent of the Yerba Buena spiking up from the earth.

all good.

four-weeks running those hills and i'd be sylph-like.


  1. Enjoyed your wonderful words today, as well as the pix!

  2. Missed you. You're in San Francisco? For four weeks? I didn't get the memo.

  3. four weeks would be the wish list...twas only a matter of seven days (but that's a whole lot better than none at all!)

  4. have you ever thought of taking a one-way ticket out of that desert?

  5. well, honey, it's home...and how could i move 5 horses, 6 cats, 2 dogs, 30 cattle, 350 sheep, 7 chooks, 6 bunnies, 3 rescue parrots and (most importantly) three quite content teenagers, to somewhere else?