Tuesday, 11 March 2008

mindless chatter

for days now the sun has been beating steadily down and things are becoming ever more desiccated. three out of our five dams are now claypans. every time we walk out the back door whichever cow is on lookout duty under the cloudless sky starts yodelling wildly hoping the tea-trolley is about to be wheeled out.

meanwhile some gormless halfwit talking on the wireless faffs on about how the last record heatwave was in 1934 and if we can just have another couple of hot days we’ll beat it. Que? it’s hot and dry and we’re rationing the last of the rainwater and some mindless git is keeping his chubby little fingers crossed for a record heatwave!...lucky for him the spell-casting cauldron is dry (no spare water), the AK47 is away being serviced, the pet cobra is at the dentist, and it’s too jolly hot to go anywhere. Otherwise he might perhaps want to watch his step.

maybe it’s the concentration of invisible pollutants being pumped out of Australia’s biggest and filthiest agricultural drain (the once-mighty Murray River) into the reticulated water system in Adelaide that have melted his tiny mind…


  1. My heart goes out to you. Its hot enough here in S.Africa but nothing like what you're going through. We had a terrifying storm tonight whilst we were out having dinner at a restaurant. The loudest clap of thunder, like a bomb blast had everyone screaming. It was a short storm but enough to cool things down.

  2. my house is built on clay soil and we had a very dry year. my house broke. but when the rains finally came and soaked the clay again it unbroke. i hope you get unbroke soon.

  3. thank you camellia...as of 13/3 it's still hot and there are a number of fires well alight around the region. the 'firies' will be dreaming rain too, i think