Sunday, 3 February 2008

magic moments

tonight i relived my misspent youth and went to a concert. Joe Cocker played under the stars in the Barossa Valley...and from the opening chords I was utterly rivetted. the band was musically tight, brilliant to see Nick Milo (on piano) as well as that sexy (female) bass player whose name always escapes me (apologies) and a saxophonist I hadn't seen play before, playing a mean tenor sax and doubling on percussion. Joe, ever the master, fired the crowd up to heights of enthusiasm (despite grumpy security staff pouncing on those who dared to dance) and then (exhibiting top management skills) literally sang them all to sleep with a calming song at the end.

actually being at a concert and feeling the drumbeats in your heart is ever so much better than just watching a recording on dvd...and knowing all the words to all the songs, with each opening bar bringing a smile of recognition to ones face was utter bliss.
at fourteen I went to see a film of Joe's "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"'s taken me thirty-five years to get to one of his concerts. next time I'm planning on the front row, meanwhile if Nick ever loses his compass and needs directions to a piano, there are two in my house...and Joe, when you run out of top shelf sax players, I'll be waiting, tenor in hand.


  1. Hehehe, you old rocker Miss India. It's funny imagining you playing the sax. Mind you, standing in a field full of sheep while playing a saxophone is pretty bohemian. Cool cat cool. Um, go to and you will find a few ramblings about yourself on my blog which I commenced straight after our workshop. I will try and get some photos posted of our workshop soon. I am about two thirds the way through sorting out my house. I hate housework. Well, I like a tidy house but I collect, so it is always quite random. Anyway pop on over sometime and check it out.

  2. Hey. Just posted my pics and some ramblings from my week at our workshop on my blog. Contact me via my email if you want me to edit any photos out. Respectfully, R. xxx