Saturday, 23 February 2008

in the lap of the dogs

while i've been to the odd ghastly production over the years the magic of theatre rarely has trouble ensnaring me, despite that my own thespian dreams were firmly dampened by school drama teachers who liked to keep that odd brown-skinned pupil safely tucked in the back somewhere, guised as a witch, gypsy or (when all else failed) wearing a top-to-toe rat costume.
and (in a previous 'life') working at the Adelaide Festival Centre Gallery in the early eighties when the now-famous Geoffrey Rush was still treading the boards for State Theatre (and the latter still rehearsed in the Playhouse) was a dream in itself (as was GR's performance in The Dream...) and the subterranean route between departments, as it took one backstage with only a little sideways wandering... but i digress.

last night at the dress rehearsal for Seven that magic showed no sign of having diminished. even though i'd seen many of the rehearsals and watched sequences endlessly on dvd while plotting/making/dyeing the costumes, when we reached the end of the run i was still rivetted and wanting more. Dan Potra's sets are fantastical, Leigh's choreography at its (usual) brilliant standard, the dancers' interpretations moving/funny/frightening/sweet. it is a delight to be part of...

and now for opening night. we've done our, as our director so succinctly put's now in the lap of the dogs.

without wishing to give too much away, here's a moment...some captured light and movement, without the intrusion of a flash


  1. YOu have dreamer both day and night in your profile, and on every posts I am reminded of dreaminess and must comment on it. Love the picture; wish I could see the performance.

  2. thank you camellia

    ...a few more pix can be found at, on the 'dance' page

  3. The sets look simply magical.
    And I loooove that expression "it's now in the lap of the dogs"
    I think I'll post it above my sewing machine desk...