Wednesday, 7 September 2011


here are some pix of my transamerica dress

a story that began here on August 19th
with a baptism of sorts in the Pacific

bundled in a garden on the left coast [but not quite on the edge]

continued at Long Ridge Farm
with several immersions in cauldrons
[some merely to quell the growth of microfauna]

arrived at Haystack
and wandered down to the Atlantic

by way of a puddle or two

concluded with an unbundling
on the evening of August 31
and looks like this

and a detail, with a bit of an odd yellow glow due to dim light whilst taking the pic

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  1. Awe inspiring. What a trip!

  2. oh my look at that ! wow! stunning as always. . .xx

  3. My book is supposed to come today! it has been raining for days and i can't wait to do some bundling!

  4. india...
    tis, I cristina, formally of threading forward, the long lost blog...
    you photos remind me of a type of therapy my nephew experienced for his autism. . . for many years he used, for a few minutes each day, a weighted vest or quilt or held a weighted stuffed animal. this helped to "ground him."
    your bundles, wrapped so tightly together, folded in leaves, twigs, natural dye, all becoming one into the cloth, might feel grounding? meaning the entire process you experience each time? imprints left forever. makes me wonder which imprints my nephew holds onto . . .

  5. What a journey! And what a magnificent memory each time you wear it.

  6. I'm hooked...the organic nature, the time factor, weathering, all building memory.....very fabulous.....

  7. love the cut, love the story, glad the oowds in NH could offer up some of the tran(ce)of it all

  8. this looks like the spider was weaving her web..........which she really is doing.
    Beautiful dress!