Monday, 5 September 2011

a few more Haystack pix...

stacking rocks
is a good way to begin the day
with a quiet mind
everything has a point of balance
finding it is the tricky thing

the kitchen cat
meditating on the meaning
of everything

the rich colours
from cold-processed elderberry

an exquisite piece of dyed paper
[the student responsible smiled rather a lot]


  1. Good to see more. Elderberry is one of my most important allies. I take a lot of it in different forms.
    Beautiful color maybe I need to WEAR it too... a different kind of plant medicine.

  2. Blimey, considering the (non)path of Irene, all of this looks divine. There's wild elderberry in our woods (3,500 miles due west of Haystack as the crow flies) but I hadn't looked at it in quite this way before...

  3. I just harvested several gallons of elderberries today--leaving them on the stems and sealed in Ziplock bags for the freezer. Finally successful in beating the birds at their game. Looking forward to using them.

  4. Your photos make me yearn to visit Haystack...and take a class, of course. Just wondering, is the student who dyed the wonderfulmpaper still smiling?

  5. now that i've been there...I can tell you that all of the stories about Haystack are true. if you do get the chance to go, seek out Paulus Behrenson's monograph about his time there [it will lay a good foundation for your stay]
    make sure you read at least on of Stuart Kestenbaum's [he's Haystack's Director] poems [better and safer than heroin but they'll hook you just the same]
    here's one to begin your discovery

  6. so glad you had a great time. beautiful photos and beautiful work. just lovely. I am so sorry to miss you this week, I will walk around with regret in my heart... thinking of all the fun you'll have. but there will be a next time. soon I hope.

  7. glad you had a great time India. beautiful images as usualxx I love working with Elderberriecing me to such beautiful poetryx lyndas and their leaves. Also thanks for introdu

  8. I think I found the monograph, India:
    And if it isn't what you were referring to, it is an exquisite piece nonetheless...

    Thank you for mentioning these things.

  9. Thank you so much for coming to Haystack and sharing with us all. It was truly a magical time, the impact of which will find its way into my journal often, especially in the weeks ahead. I created a pot of magic brew at my lakeside location last night (despite the 3 1/2 inches of additional water that fell from the sky) and gave my final bundle from class an additional green tint as a homecoming.

    Ah, it's a bit hard to embrace my computer again after being away in such an amazing place. I found myself thankful for a desperately slow internet connection there and opted out. :-) But there's work to be done upon return of course. Enjoy your travels and wonders that await.

  10. mm..
    the point of balance. Glad to be reminded of that.