Thursday, 8 September 2011


some words scribbled on the morning after a dark wet drive from Philadelphia to goodness knows where

trying to get somewheres
in the soup thick dark
through endless fallingwater
i feel my breath begin to catch
in the moment it becomes apparent
that those filaments on the map
blur into obscurity
even with the help of spectacles
or perhaps
because the glass was slightly misted
it seems there are two choices
blind panic
or sweet surrender
i opt for the river
sailing a random course
in my hired vessel
forging through shining sheets of water
adrift yet enlivened
around my neck hangs a bell
gifted to me by a shepherd
who no longer needs it to be heard
a dog above hears it tinkling
sends a breath that lifts the leaves
reveals the sign that points the road
guides this lost lamb safely in
to the waiting warm welcome


  1. oh no, you got caught in one of our horrid rainstorms. beautifully written, but I am glad you arrived safely! Have fun!

  2. oh, sooo glad you made safe harbor

  3. So that was what it was like driving through the typhoon. I hear a lot of roads and bridges were washed out in Vermont and people and villages are still isolated. I felt a little queasy when you drove into the storm rather than away from it.

    I think all three of your once was border collies were shifting leaves.

  4. Oh to be ever led by such breaths, to know that one day, when I lose mine from this place, she will be with me in this way, too...knowing that, I could rest easier. I will hope for that.

  5. oh i drove north and away from Irene...quite happily in a small rented convertible as it happened. driving through Vermont after Haystack was quite another story.
    heartbreaking, in fact

    the rain that drove me to put pen to paper was a later storm
    that descended while i was trying to find my way out of downtown Philadelphia to West Chester....

  6. I know those moments when - while traveling - all of a sudden I don't know where I am or how to get to where I'm suppose to be going. Its quite un-hinging. You were "saved by the bell" it does seem.

  7. i am thankful you are safe
    dogs above rest now

  8. the fact that you can still write such lovely warm poetry-- even when you are tired and traveling and getting ready to teach I am sure.. is so amazing and inspirational to me..

  9. and he is there
    guiding you..

    as it should be. Lovely story to wake to in bed with my cup of tea.