Friday, 9 September 2011

handworking with wool and cloth

these are gentle days here in Pennsylvania
though it rains
the air feels warm and soft
elsewhere the weather is not so kind
and there is flooding and mayhem

but for us the conditions are perfect
for making our felted landskins
while we stitch and cut and interweave and grind holes
the wool is absorbing moisture from the atmosphere
which is going to make the felting easier

we begin our day with a quiet moment
and a reading of some kind
open our bundles from the pot-of-the-night-before
and settle to stitching ourselves into a quiet place


  1. Wonderful grassy-toned photo collage. Seeing sewing hands is inspiring.....

  2. a nice atmosphere you have there, had to smile of the majem...........

  3. It must be exciting to open the bundles. It sounds like a little slice of heaven.

  4. Its good to see you got there safely India... and all sounds peaceful and productive now!