Sunday, 1 November 2015

keeping it simple (2) and dark and beautiful

what, so soon? yes.

eucalyptus is pretty much the instant gratification genus. once it's been boiled all you need do is wait for it to cool...unless you have metals present such as copper or aluminium or iron. in that case giving it time can yield further magic

if you're working with leaves from what i would call deciduous exotics (when i'm home) aka the deciduous plants of the northern hemisphere
then giving the bundles a week or two
(or longer in a preserving jar) will well repay your patience

i'm loving how this quite stiff and hard-edged weave has softened in the dyepot
the warp and weft have relaxed
and it feels lovely to the hand
(no scouring necessary, eucalyptus did the trick)

that very open weave allowed colour to travel between layers
and of course capillary action sucked the black of the pre-loved pot
through everything

exactly as i had hoped

(if i had not wanted that i could simply have layered the cloth with paper)

it will dry a little lighter
and is perfect for all seasons

the fragrance is delicious
and will make itself known whether in San Francisco fogs
the mists of Scotland
or a Singapore downpour

i can wear it in layers with a big wool wrap
or roll it around some beads
if i want to dress up
dressing up is fun

want to see a rapid fire film of the unbundling?  go here.

PS the pix are unedited and straight from the batfone... WSWG


  1. the video is such a hoot. and the cloth is lively and lovely indeed.

  2. I read that the video was "straight from the balaphone" and for a small snippet thought, ha, an instrument that also takes photos, interesting. Love the video, especially the direct lighting which makes the shadows a flicker at high speed.

    1. Playing with video is fun...even if it's only a Batfone propped on a jar as opposed to a tame film crew :-)

  3. GORGEOUS. Am liking what happens with that open weave. Haven't explored that before (closest being old cutwork linens & cheesecloth) but there's something to be said for how color travels thru all that openness.

    Working on a slow but steady 'black' brew here past couple of months. Interestingly, it contains one batch of native willow so it isn't growing mold at all. Thanks for inspiration - gonna fire it up again today, see what comes of it ;>)

  4. Loving the dark colours, I have messed up a dress I dyed which is now yukky coloured, black beckons I think.