Wednesday, 18 March 2015

back country in Tasmania

it was a splendid week in Tasmania
i stayed with friends at Dodges Ferry while hanging the exhibition
and then another kind friend lent me a dear little house at Red Ochre Beach
so i had somewhere to retreat in monastic solitude
each evening for the duration of the workshop

i love the sea
and if i could somehow transport our farm to an edge
where a river meets a much bigger water
it would be absolutely perfect

on the other hand
i wouldn't want to go anywhere anymore
and would likely become a complete hermit
so it's probably
just as well

but now
i'd better load my blue things into the ute
and get a few hours of snooze in.
i have a crack of dawn departure for Allansford
and the last of the Bower Bird Blues classes
at Beautiful Silks Botanical Studio

guess who else is coming?


  1. This is my favorite installation of 'backcountry' yet ... something about that barn sets it off so beautifully, puts the perfect frame around all the work.

    As for Kubbi, she's one lucky dog - gonna be smooshed on by one big group of puppy-lovers no doubt! So lovely to have your new pal along ;>]]

    1. So glad you see it the way I do, Christi. The barn itself takes a strong role in this "production of the play".
      And yes, it will be good to have my friend along...let's hope she doesn't get too spoiled by all the attention!

  2. How wonderful for both of you that Kubbi can come :) That sense of having two (or more) completely incommensurable wants about what to do or where to be... completely resonates!

  3. Beautiful work India, absolutely earthy.

  4. india, best of travelling with the co-pilot. a wee bit of temporary spoiling may do you both some good. the installation is perfect.