Monday, 23 March 2015

On the count of three

It's nearing 3am on the morning after the last of the Bower Bird Blues workshops and I'm lying wide awake listening to the pounding of the ocean and thinking of all the things I could have done better. 
Kubbi on the other hand is snoozing peacefully by my side. 

Scrolling back through my Batfone I'm surprised to find this is the only image I made of the newly established Botanical Studio at Beautiful Silks in Allansford 

Marion and Elephant have worked miracles to create a retreat and workshop centre dedicated to facilitating ecologically sustainable textile arts. 

During our three days together we were spiritually sustained by the beauty of the space and gardens and nourished by deliciousgood meals prepared by Marion - supplemented by various dulcet delectables from the kitchen of her good friend Brenda.   

Once again we were considering the blues (though my limited set of images doesn't really reflect that). There was stitching, stringmaking, writing and the beating of leaves. Complemented by much enthusiasm in the hammering and sawing of metals (under the direction of Roz Hawker) - sadly I don't seem to have any images of those pieces either. Ah well. 

Indigo leaves were beaten in as well as bundled. 

The surface of this dyebath was absolutely jewel-like. 

As were the bundles that emerged from it

Somehow in between all that we found time to design a simple dress for one of the participants to wear to her daughter's wedding - all she has to do now is dye it. 

I'll write up the instructions in the next post, meanwhile I'm hoping to drift into the arms of Morpheus for a while...if I can stop the churning of thoughts!


  1. good to hear from you again and the blue in marions lovely place in Allansford have seen the pictures Marion have posted , the indigo leaves are fabolous with print how long time have you the boundle in the bath ( think you will say as long time as it need being there ) ??? it seems as you are thinking you have could done it better , reflection tells always thing you could have done better , picture looks as a very good time and results , lovely

    1. Indigo hot bundles simmered about twenty minutes then cooled overnight in the dyebath

  2. Had a lovely long chat over dinner with Marion at Halls Gap who told me about the new venture, sounds exciting.

  3. Ohhh. lying awake with busy mind is one of my least favourite things. Reflection is essential but the middle of the night tends to be a time when holding perspective is harder... and what I know I get is often self criticism, instead. Hoping sleep came eventually.

    1. Yes. At about 5 am. The graveyard shift is when the self criticism really kicks in!!

    2. Too horrible... and so unjustified. You might be an exception to the general rule, but I somehow doubt this!

  4. god, yes, graveyard seems to dig up self doubt and sadnesses. thank you for that vat photo, though. those beaten-in indigo leaves here eventually faded to leave yellowed ghosts. all lovely.