Sunday, 8 March 2015

getting ready to be (t)here

'being (t)here' is a class i love to teach. each time is an adventure in itself
it's a class which is suited as much to a forest as to a riverside
or even an industrial wasteland

magic is everywhere, the delight is in the detail
and everything has a fascination if you look at it with your heart

this week i will be in Tasmania
(i love islands)
installing back country for Ten Days on the Island  (recently renamed the Tasmanian International Arts Festival) before class begins - it will have a new piece in it to replace the one acquired by the Tamworth Regional Gallery last month -

the only really tricky bit is editing which resources to take,
choosing a teacup for the ride
and trying to reorganise the sewing box/tool kit
which seems to have a mind of its own.

happily i can make do most of the time
so long as i have my trusty collection of readings with me
and a piece of string to hang them on.
the last piece of string stayed in Aotearoa

it was as long as the flight from New Orleans to Vancouver.
tomorrow i will make a string that will measure the distance from Adelaide to Hobart
while gazing out the window of the plane

i will confess i do love flying, though it's admittedly not the kindest mode of transport in terms of the environment
it would take a long time to get to Tasmania on my windsurfer
and my books would get wet. 

someone else has a mind of her own, too.
it seems Martha has taken Kubbi aside and given her The Word on suitcases
(in a few months time she won't fit in)

PS i'm not entirely sure, but i think some places remain open in being (t)here classes in Scotland and France later this year


  1. happy and safe travels to you india. the sewing box may sort itself out, perhaps by becoming a nest?

    1. I think it's a nest already - heavens only knows WHAT is nesting in there though!

  2. Our dogs used to do the same thing whenever we would pack to return to boarding school. A silent plea to 'take me with you!'.

    I wish I could have attended this Tassie workshop. Unfortunately my wee babe is still too young. Tassie would have been a nice escape from Sydney. I currently have 5 metres each of silk broadcloth and silky merino awaiting me at the post office. I'm itching to pick it up and get dyeing...!

  3. Any hope of a string lesson near by at some stage? I can't get my head around during it! If only workshops in exotic places but not to be.

    1. Not a bad idea...a string day by the beach. Will give it some thought :-)

  4. Hi India, I can just visualize you on a surf board going to Tassie. Nothing would amaise me.

  5. Enjoy Tassie. I met a woman at WOMAD who will be there and was just buzzing with excitement... Happy travels.

  6. I love your posts about your upcoming teaching trips.. you always seem so enthusiastic and full of adventure--- have another good one!

    1. it was a particularly lovely adventure, thank you!

  7. Lovely to read your musings sis. It's been awhile x