Monday, 2 February 2015

running red lights on memory lane

so i was looking for something yesterday 
(which i didn't find yet)
and while i was rummaging 
i found some old photo albums
from a time when pictures were regularly printed
when i made collages by cutting and pasting
not Photoshop (which hadn't been invented yet)
i found pictures from nearly thirty years ago
when my friend Yasmin (with whom i also shared a house) and i
co-taught for the former Arts Council of South Australia 
(which has now been reincarnated as the Country Arts Trust)
and went out on the Tea and Sugar train
with an exhibition of T-shirts
hand-painted and screen printed by South Australian artists of the time
(don't ask me why there are Flake bars sticking out of my ears
i have no idea)
 we went to Cook, Barton and Tarcoola
Hawker and Maree
(all in the arid lands of South Australia)
 and taught workshops in lino-printing and hand-painting t-shirts
at Tarcoola, the teacher of the 15 student school
happily dumped them all on us
and went off to the public house

that was the day we realised we should have packed a first aid kit. 
all we had for cut fingers was masking tape and toilet paper
i fancied myself a new David Hockney
sticking pictures together
which is why Yasmin appears twice in this one
back then i also had a dog with a spirit eye
and a very silly haircut.

we were too young to know better
threw mad parties
drove too fast
danced too long
sang too loud
they were very fine times
we are still friends

i'm glad i was there


  1. I so love that last and the spirit eyed beautiful...........

  2. A wonderful peek into your rearview mirror ...

  3. How fun !! I'm glad you were there, too, cuz all that [wild mad loud] stuff helped make you into what you are now
    and that's something pretty darn swell in my opinion.

    You still hug woofies just like that
    Your spirit still shines, just like that
    but flake bars in the ears ... ? .... now, that's a new one!

    1. yep. i don't put them in my mouth these days, so why in the ears?

  4. Walking down Acland Street I had a similar feeling yesterday.... the wildness of youth...

    1. thing is, it's still there. the wildness, i mean. it's just that funny person in the mirror that startles me when i brush my teeth

  5. A long time ago came a man on a track
    Walking thirty miles with a pack on his back
    And he put down his load where he thought it was the best
    Made a home in the wilderness
    He built a cabin and a winter store
    And he ploughed up the ground by the cold lake shore

    I always wished it ends there...

    1. i heard the wonderful Mark sing that at an open-air concert around about that time...think we might be on the same page.

  6. how wonderful to share photos of your youth'past that helped create the person you are today love all the art