Thursday, 5 February 2015

still dancing

it's been nearly ten years since Leigh Warren kindly commissioned me to 
make costumes for the seminal work Petroglyphs 
but it feels like a lifetime ago
there's been so much water down the river since then
(including a journey to Japan for Wanderlust
and a Scottish adventure when we took breathe to the
Edinburgh Festival)

on Tuesday I pootled into Adelaide with a bagful of dresses
so Leigh could choose one for a fringe production he is involved in

Leigh playing with a frock and being gorgeous as ever

oh, and if you're looking for somewhere fabulous to stay in the inner burbs 
of the capital of South Australia (and only a brisk walk from the restaurants of North Adelaide) do investigate AirBnB...Leigh's house (draped here and there with bits of ecoprint cloth by yours truly) is listed there and it's just lovely. Leigh and his lovely burmese cats will make you most welcome!

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  1. Ah, this is my kind of B&B ... one room (perfect for introverts), transportation provided by a knowledgeable host, creative re-use of a building, and your cloth to boot ... if ever we get to Australia (dreaming now) ...