Sunday, 1 February 2015


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the idea of Argentina has been on my mind for a while
every now and then an email drifts in across the oceans
asking if i will come. 

yesterday i decided to put a ring around some weeks in the calendar
thinking maybe the last week in November, first week of December 2016 

i would need to teach four lots of three day classes to make the trip work financially
(the fee for one class wouldn't even cover the airfare across the big puddle)
but it will be exciting to meet the flora on the other side
and to expore the Gondwana connections between our countries
and though there is interest in the basics of ecoprinting
i'd love to offer a 'being (t)here' class too

if you are in Argentina
(or would like to come from elsewhere to meet me there)
and if you are interested in taking a class
please either let me know in the comments below
or better still (because then i will have an email address to write back)
please drop me a line via my

and perhaps tell me what you would most like to learn?


  1. i have google what gondwana are , interesting reading , have send you a message

  2. Hello India! What a joy to know that we will have you in South America. It is a dream for many of us who follow your work and stories long ago. Expect happy to hear of your plans. Love from Uruguay !! Andrea Bustelo

  3. Sería fantástico que estuvieras por aquí. Me pongo en contacto contigo por la página de contacto.