Thursday, 10 July 2014

A hertz-felt thanks

I went west for a few days
after we had finished our class at Newburgh
and I had committed the Bundle Book to Blurb
I needed some thinking space
to sort a few things out
quiet time in wind and rain and sun to mull over things
to smell the heather
and to gaze into deep waters
and to rearrange small pieces of the whirled
while considering new ideas for classes
and pondering different ways of presenting
it was a splendid wandering : made even more enjoyable by Hertz who upgraded my very basic four-door reservation to this glorious chariot.  
I named him Wolfgang and the keys had to be prised from my fingers when we parted at Edinburgh airport. He purred along for over 400 miles on a scant half tank of diesel

I even managed to write a small poem.
it was a very productive time.
and thenI found that the Australian Embassy in Lisboa
kindly mentioned our exhibition
on their website
which pleased me very much


  1. glad you had this time to finesse thoughts into forms, and a poem. how sweet, so much given, from one who gives deeply. and, that's a darn good poem.

  2. Your poem made me realise I've never leaned my cheek onto a warm cow and at this stage in my life, I'm probably never going to. Still I've been lucky to do many other things.

  3. reflection- a lovely poem

    the green dress are like the colour of the leaves
    on the tree, LONG lightly, weared of a viking.

  4. Catching up after being away at the coast for the second time in 2 months. Staring into the water and gathering natural treasures indeed leads to pondering and poetry. Love the image of your exhibition in the Lisboa link.

  5. I do love to wander, to sort and think. In this busy world I crave time for reflection- I'm not sure I would want to return from such a lovely place

  6. a lovely recording of a little time out of time for catching of thought and breath, especially love the rainbow of sea glass

  7. I can smell the cow... heavenly... I love them.

  8. love the gaze into deep waters