Sunday, 6 July 2014

being (t)here...again

it was lovely to come back to Newburgh
to work with Netti and Alison
who are like sisters and very kind to me
we worked on paper
first with words

and then with dyes

 local meadowsweet
made lovely colours
 we made a concertina river book
and a new sweet folded book
that i developed especially for the class
i call it the "island book"
because you have to sail around it to appreciate it fully
 trusty studio assistant Jazz cooling off
 wonderful peonies

 and the beautiful river
fresh and full of new stories each day
 we wrote and shared poetry
 found hearts in the streets
laid bundles in patterns here and there
and generally had a wonderful time.
Isabel [who works at the charity shop]
told me how the church [where our workshop took place]
used to be the drill hall for the "territorials"
and then that the Poles lived there during the war
and that there was a dance held there
"and the floor was ever so slippery"


the trouble with having good friends scattered around the whirled
is having to say goodbye. 
but not forever, merely ae fond farewell [misquoting Robert Burns] until next year
you can see more pix from class
And please, Father Christmas, may I have a bear like this?


  1. welll I must say I heartily approve taking book bundles out for a walk and a gathering in various locations *smiley face*

  2. Well I'd love to come next year. I had your two books for Mother's Day and I love them. I live in England but I'm friendly? guffawwwww!

  3. the Red Black & White piece is a new direction India?

    1. mea culpa, it is Netti's work?

    2. Yes, Netti's not mine. But it was nicely placed to frame the blossoms peeping over the parapet!

  4. I would love to come! please let your people know!

  5. great thank you - tak i am still in your universe

  6. I can smell the fresh breezes in this post :)

  7. Can't comment intelligently right now. I'm being swept away to Newburgh and your wonderful class...