Saturday, 12 July 2014

transported : and a lucky dip

one minute i was in rainy England
the next [well, not quite, more like 1560 minutes later] I was back in rainy South Oz

i flew back on Emirates and while their seat wasn't quite as comfy as Qantas
the food was simply fabulous. best airline fodder ever.
[long haul Delta still does the best cocktails]
you may think these are small things...
not if you are spending 26 hours in transit.

i finally arrived home at about 11 o'clock last night
and after the usual formalities [saying hello to a multitude of furred and unfurred people] tucked myself up with a loudly purring Martha-cat

in the later afternoon today the sun came out and so i pulled on the wellies
for a plod about my favourite paddock

 stacked a few stones
[you can't tell in the picture, but the stones of home are sparkly]
 found the soak to be full [small happy dance]
 enjoyed the setting sun
and the rising moon
and then i had a very good idea

if those of you who purchase the bundle book
[and those who have already bought it]

i will make a lucky dip
choose three names from a tsunobukuro bag
and send a hand-embellished ecoprint tsunobukuro bag
to each of those three people

if you happen to mention the book on your blog or facebook
[and send me the link]
you will receive a bonus entry for each separate site on which you do so

entries will only be accepted via this email address

the lucky dip closes at sunset on August 3rd 2014, Pacific Ocean time


  1. glad you are home safely, and are out in the land again. sparkly rocks! and a drawing. cool!

  2. india i love your ideer- congratulation with the bundle book. i have to order both the student book and the bundle book it will be i sep., i have shared your bundle on my f.b. send it later . what means must for me now are that you are safe home and our time "being there in Newburgh " if you will give me a present think of me the 14-7 and the green dress. a million thank you for everything

  3. downloaded your book, so wonderful. I want to build a stone structure

  4. Good to have loudly purring furries. :)