Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Turning toward the sun

I travel north and across the border
Enjoy a splendid afternoon in good company 
Gathering salmonberries
Spotting likely lichens (yes they would yield purple but no I did not gather)
Wandering about the shoreline 
And then I followed many signs east
I stop at a beaver pond 
Find violets
I think nature's architect is long gone
And has abandoned this project
I saw him
A sign
I drove between mountains and through woods
Past leftover snow and rushing rivers
And beautiful stacks of crates
And just after a spotted lake
I reached my destination
In the hills above Osooyos 

To begin telling stories afresh. 

I notice to my surprise that the magic number 1313 has appeared in the sidebar 
Glad to have y'all along for the ride. 


  1. you must bee in Canada i suppose a new travel begin also for your students, lichens on the road ? Beaver i remember from i was a child a book that my mother read for me , never seen them in real life. soon you will arrive to Europe !!!!

    1. I know where there are Beavers in Bavaria....


  2. everytime i'm out back, it seems, the architects have been as busy as and change the topography. salmomberries look yummy.

  3. Wow - it sounds like a fantastic journey and i am sure the colours will reflect in your work sooner or later - can't wait to see!! Wonderful picts - thanks!!

  4. oh these photos are all so familiar. welcome to beautiful b.c.( linda m in the kootenays )