Monday, 19 May 2014

Leaving the islands behind

I have to say teaching on Whidbey Island was an absolute joy.
Lisa Bernhardt (who runs the Pacific NorthWest Art School) and my wonderful assistant Nita Wester spared no exertion to make it so. 
The island itself reminded me so much of Latvia. Lopez does too (but has lots more hills. I love it. (
We gathered dyes within walking distance of the studio...with the exception of a delightful field trip to Ebey's Landing. 
I feel I've only just begun to discover some of the magic of this gorgeous scattering of jewels in the Salish sea 
We remembered Fred Gerber and his method of analyzing potential mordants
Made sure to avoid the plant that dispatched Socrates
The species name of which - conium maculatum - warns us to watch out for spots
Driftwood came in handy
The ritual continued
And everybody looked after their string
Bless y'all,
I'll be seeing you. Sometime in 2016...


  1. Thank you so much for let me come into another universe of yours and have looked up where this find place , interesting to see the different mordant lined up and bundles of silk merino jersey , safe yourney to another place !!!

  2. Fare thee well, wanderer.
    Was a blessing to have you on our shores.

  3. I felt truly blessed bring there. And you know this is just the beginning and (because as I have explained) it ain't over until the fat lady sings. (Let me have my little joke, other readers...I'll tell the story someday)

    1. Dang that auto correct !!!

      B. E. I. N. G. there.

  4. i love the good energy (t)here. thanks for a glimpse of this special place.

  5. oooo the little bundles.... and the little vessels of colour..... and the little stones....

  6. Simply gorgeous.