Friday, 23 May 2014

happy wanderer

You know you're working in a good place when neighbourhood dogs swing by for a quiet word with the house pups and are welcome to hang out together in the sunshine for a while

I've been made welcome too and am being pampered within an inch of my life. 

Our outdoor studio is just beautiful. 
Each afternoon the pot goes on the fire
In the mornings I step out (carefully) into fields of flowers
My grandmother would have loved the dandelion patch below. She used the flowers for champagne, the leaves in salad and made ersatz coffee from the roots
We are making exquisite bundles
And above our heads
notes about dyeing with plants
flutter like prayerflags in the breeze

I'm counting my blessings today
grateful that my work takes me to magical places like this
(and so very happy to be so wonderfully hosted by Hilary, John, Binou and Diva)


  1. I love dandelion root coffee. And you do visit some grand places... enjoy!!

  2. Worth every second of the long drive to get there, I'd say ... all so beautiful ... slice of heaven for the students, too.

    Not to mention, a very fine place for dogs ;>]]

  3. I think I just felt one of the breezes that whooshed through the prayer flags.... 'make bundles' it whispered... I also caught a whiff of smoke (but that might just be the hazard reduction burns happening all around me at the moment)

  4. So blessed to share this time with you.

  5. waou, what a place to work in lucky you all are , learned new again we have a lot of dandelion her in Denmark i new using leaves to salat but not the other with flower and roots , thank you , enjoy your time

  6. lovely. do you have any ebooks of your books? i travel a lot and can't always carry printed copies any more. not having much luck finding ebook versions on amazon. are they elsewhere? thanks

    1. The only ebook so far is the collection of student work...the other two books are in the hands of Murdoch

  7. Lovely place to be teaching .. love that line "am being pampered within and inch of my life"....we should all have a day or two of that day i'll be at one of your workshops.

  8. Thanks for sharing your vagabonding through Canada! All that water looks so appealing here in drought-stricken California. Happy teaching and traveling!

  9. YOU are an exquisite bundle... this place looks quite heavenly! esp. that outdoor fireplace.