Thursday, 3 April 2014

only because you asked so nicely

i've had at least half a dozen workshop enquiries from Queensland in the past ten days
and so when i was booking my flights for the US next month
it seemed that fate was poking me
when the possibility for coming home through Brisbane emerged

my friend Roz kindly agreed that i could swing in for a visit on my way home
and share a stitch-and-bundle day around the firepit in her beautiful garden

[the end of May is usually gorgeous in Queensland but if it DOES rain we have a plan]

we will be working with my favourite ever cloth and thread
to make a versatile and gorgeous "snug-as-a-bug in SilkyMerino"
that folds into its own pocket

i'm envisioning the day as intensive and soul-nourishing

and i'm going to post all the materials we need to her ahead of time
so that all you need to bring will be your scissors and thread

Roz and i are planning a lovely lunch for you
[vegetarian, gluten free, keeping dairyfoods on the side]
with a glass or two of wine [or juice or that nectar from the gods, water]
while the bundles bubble in the cauldron
rest assured there WILL also be chocolate [possibly even from San Francisco seeing as i'm coming home that way] so it will be body-nourishing as well

after lunch i'll demonstrate some nifty cutting tricks while the bundles cool
before we have the glorious reveal

please drop a line to Roz if you're keen

rozhawker09[at] gmail[dot] com

or email me via the contact page on my website
and i'll forward more details


  1. I dont think I salivate when reading any other workshop description/invitation, except for yours! It sounds like a heavenly day!

  2. I so want to be able to say "Sign me up!", but there's this little problem of distance...

    1. I seriously wish you the amazing time I had when I said 'yes, sign me up' for a workshop in this beautiful garden. I think I began to grow wings that day….thus distance became no 'problem'….

    2. I'm hoping India's Being (t)here workshop in Scotland will be successful enough (like there's any chance it won't? ha!) that she'll teach it again next year. No "out of the states" travel for me this year. husband knows that whenever I finally do make it to Australia, I'll need at least a month to go visiting friends. Not sure he's ready to fly solo with our twins for that long yet. One day...

    3. Very much hoping for annual visits to Scotland !
      And of course dreaming of taking "being there" to all sorts of wonderful places in the years to come

    4. What is your dream location for "being there"?

    5. it can be anywhere if you think about it. the 'being there' class is a way of sharing my approach to paying attention to wherever i happen to be in the whirled. i guess it is a philosophy you can apply to an industrial wasteland as much as to a place of beauty, even useful if you're stuck alone at an airport or a train station awaiting a delayed departure
      that said, there are certainly some places i love to practice at and they range from the red heart of Australia to the Woods of New England, from the stairs of San Francisco to the bywaters of New Orleans, from the waters edge at Newburgh to the Yorkshire moors...i'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!

  3. wah wah waaaaaaaah
    i live too far awaaaaay.....
    it DOES sound like a bit a heaven.

  4. Hazzah! sending love and joy. Brilliant itinerary and lucky participants. xo C