Tuesday, 8 April 2014

home sweet home

it's good to be home for a bit
sleeping in my own bed
window open, Martha-cat draped across my arm
mingled scent of lemon flowers and roses
drifting in across my pillow
while the dreaming ducks mutter outside

that last image is what happens when you mix them up
using the Diana app
wandering locally
marvelling at indigenous flora
reading tracks in the sand
as well as some very kind words
written about me 
and of course
minding the baby
dyeing a few things
and catching up on some sewing


  1. thank you for all fantastic fotos of flower, landscape , Martha ,you and the written words . for the second time i am reading in fieldnotes , i have a strange way to read , first quick through all , after close reading , new aspect comming up, thank you

  2. Thanks for the link to the article... she did well by you! The photographs are grand, especially the particularly lovely one of the horses following you on your tramp across the field and you nestled into the ground with the tree. Enjoy your time at home.

  3. I'm happy to see the baby, needing all the internet cat fixes I can get these days, until my next familiar finds me....

  4. For all of the wonderful sharing that you do India via your workshops, travels,your wondrous exhibits and oh so beautiful cloths, it is these glimpses of home that go deep with me. Thank you for letting us see them....

  5. Really enjoyed the article about you by Haley Renee. Gorgeous photos too!

  6. love the article and the photo's you refer to. wonderful.

  7. Hayley Rennee's photos of you & your surroundings are so natural and such beautiful thoughtful words she has written.

  8. How wonderful. And what delectable images.